Ground handling services and equipment

Baraka Handling has recent equipment and qualified personnel to offer a fast and reliable ground assistance service.

  • Pushback.
  • Marshalling.
  • Towing empty and with load.

  • Cleaning the cabin.
  • Emptying toilets.
  • Potable water supply.
  • Supervision of refueling.

  • Contact/Liaison with local authorities.
  • Administrative paperwork.
  • Application of Dangerous Goods regulations.
  • Application of Safety and Security regulations.
  • Assistance to passengers on departure and arrival.

Equipment :

  • Toyota Push Back Tractor. Tow Bars in several sizes.
  • ZEC: several sets of cones and chains to delimit the controlled development zone.
  • GPU: 2 mobile generators on the ground, respectively 28 Volts and 115 Volts.
  • Isuzu Servicing truck for recharging potable water, oxygen and nitrogen.
  • Autonomous potable water recharger.
  • Autonomous toilet drainer.
  • Fire safety: fire extinguishers, lances, nitrogen, foam, etc.